Ghostbusters NL as a Netherlands-based paranormal eliminators is a fictitious franchise company; this website—ghostbustersnl.nl—is as such merely intended for entertainment purposes and/or supporting charities in a playful manner.

The Ghostbusters™ name and brand and the Ghostbusters ‘no-ghost’ logo copyright © 1984 Sony/Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. All rights reserved. "Ghostbusters NL" and "GBNL" are in no way affiliated with the Sony corporation and are stricly a fan-based group that works as a non-profit entity.

In real life, Ghostbusters NL is a Dutch cosplay group whose aim is to create a ‘Ghostbusters universe experience’ on events, inspired by and based on the Ghostbusters films (and to a lesser extent the later spin-offs) from the 1980s. We do not claim to investigate and/or eliminate paranormal activity or participate in any real paranormal investigation or research.

The information on this website is provided by Ghostbusters NL. Although utmost care is given to ensure that the content of this site is as complete, accurate, current, and accessible as possible, some information may be incorrect, incomplete, or out of date. No rights can be derived from the information provided, and Ghostbusters NL is not responsible for the consequences of the use, in any manner whatsoever, of said information.  It may be possible that the Ghostbusters NL website indirectly gives access to Internet sites and/or resources maintained by third parties. Ghostbusters NL cannot be held liable for the consequences of using the information on said websites and/or pages.

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Ghostbusters NL will store your personal data no longer than is necessary to realise the goals for which the data is required. Your data will be stored for the maximum duration of one year in case no arrangement is reached.

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Reviewing, editing, or deleting data

You have the right to review, edit, or delete your personal data. You can send a request for inspection, correction, or removal of your data to info@ghostbustersnl.nl. Ghostbusters NL will respond to your request as soon as possible, but within four weeks after the request has been received.


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Ghostbusters NL can be contacted as follows:

E-mailadres: info@ghostbustersnl.nl
(the other address details as mentioned on the contact page are fictitious and for entertainment purposes only).